Reduce heat & glare and prevent fading in your conservatory with conservatory window film.

Conservatory window film is the modern and more effective alternative to conservatory roof blinds.

Is your conservatory too hot? Excess solar heat gain and bothersome glare is a regular problem that many conservatories suffer with. This can create the room to become too hot and uncomfortable during certain times of the day and the room can even become unusable throughout the summer months.

Reduce sun heat from entering your conservatory

Conservatory Too Hot in Summer

conservatory can be a great extension to your home, they provide a great source of light and give that airy feeling of warmth. It’s a place of the home where you can sit and enjoy those sunny days while overlooking the garden or just to enjoy the room as you wish. More often than not, as soon as the sun starts shining, the room can feel too hot and uncomfortable.

Due to the design of a conservatory they simply let the suns heat pour in with most of that heat entering in through the roof. With the application of conservatory window film to the roof glazing, heat can be reduced by up to 80% and therefore reduces the temperature inside the room to a much more comfortable level.

Glare from the Sun
Reduce annoying glare with conservatory roof film

With the brightness of the sun entering your conservatory, being in the room on a sunny day can be often difficult to live with, glare can cause uncomfortable eye strain making it difficult to see television and computer screens and even reading a newspaper or book can cause headaches and discomfort. Conservatory window film works to minimize glare by reducing the amount of visible light that passes through the glazing, providing up to 90% glare reduction.

Protection from fading with UV filtering conservatory window film
Faded Floor from Sun Damage

The main factors that cause furniture, paintings, flooring and other items in your conservatory to fade are UV light, heat and visible light. UV light accounts for the largest factor of fading, with solar film blocking 99% of the harmful UV light this alone dramatically reduces fading but with the ability of our solar film to reduce UV, heat and light it provides the ultimate protective barrier for your furnishings. Not only does solar film protect the items in your conservatory, it also protects your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. It’s known that over-exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the main cause responsible for skin cancer.

What Causes Fading?
UV Light 40%
Heat 25%
Visible Light 25%
Miscellaneous 10%
Roof Blinds VS Conservatory Window Film

Many conservatory owners choose to have blinds installed to their conservatory roof, although blinds can help to reduce glare they have no ability to reduce heat this is because the heat easily passes through the fabric and enters into the conservatory. Conservatory window film has the ability to reflect the suns heat away at source, reduce glare and blocks harmful UV Rays, the film won’t obscure the vision to the outside and you’ll still be able to see out through the glass as normal.

Conservatory Window Film Performance

Performance results are generated from testing untreated glass and also glass treated with internal solar reflective window film.

Solar Energy Rejected
Untreated Glass 15%
Glass Treated With Conservatory Window Film 79%
Glare Reduction
Untreated Glass 10%
Glass Treated With Conservatory Window Film 81%
UV Light Blocked
Untreated Glass 27%
Glass Treated With Conservatory Window Film 99%


Eclipse window films recently carried out an installation of solar window film in our conservatory. Their service was quick and very professional. The fitting was carried out to an extremely high standard and we are very pleased with the performance of the film in reducing glare and heat. We have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.

Mrs C O’Regan
New Milton, Hampshire

Eclipse quoted us for window and roof film to be installed in a new conservatory project which was recently finished.

The work was carried out in a very professional and efficient manner.

We are extremely pleased with the end result and we have no hesitation in recommending this company for the quality of workmanship and materials and the value for money the contract represented.

Mr R Brine – Quality Care Homes Ltd
South Gloucestershire

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